All completed tournament matches played according to the official random draw at AusBGF Online will contribute to individual players’ Australian Backgammon Federation ratings. The tournament rules published on the AusBGF website shall be applied, and players will adhere to the normally accepted rules of backgammon. The general principles published by the Australian Backgammon Federation in their Rated Match Policy will also apply.



The Kakadu is a round robin monthly event. At the end of each month the top three players from each division are promoted to the next level and the bottom 3 players in each level will be demoted. Players start at the lowest level. Players may preserve their position in the ladder by notifying the host if they will be absent for a period. As there is no time available for playoffs of tied players, several levels of tie breaking are employed to break ties to determine promotions and demotions.

Play begins on the 1st of each month until the second last day of each month. Forfeits are determined based upon scheduling emails. Please report any no shows using the scheduling form so that everything is kept on record.

Free monthly tournaments hosted by AusBGF. The tournaments will be run via Warp Gammon, with scheduling and reporting handled by a web interface. Various formats.